Crystal Tree of life in Abundance

The Power of Crystals – For Healing, Abundance and Transformation

The Magical Power of Crystals

At the point when you wear crystals, pearls, and gems on the body, their energies can emanate profound into your whole body and atmosphere, or fiery field. There, the natural gems work on scattering the enthusiastic mists and different blockages that dark your common brilliance, limit your positive development, and lead to chronic sickness.

Simultaneously, the gemstones’ energies inspire and support all parts of your being. In this manner, a restorative gemstone accessory can invigorate and motivate you, help reestablish your well-being, and start suffering changes.

There are various sorts of precious stones, each loaded up with their own mending capacities for the psyche, body, and soul. They’re thought to advance the progression of good energy and help free the body and brain of negative energy for physical and enthusiastic advantages.

Crystals have always been regarded as a source of power—and as a gift from the gods. Impressive no matter what their size, gems hold an aura of mystery and authority. From prehistory to the present, gemstones have symbolized wealth and been accorded wondrous properties. The ancient texts that tell us so much about the power of stones had their origins in the Stone Age, a time when technology quite literally came from stones. Since that time, we have continued to harness their magical power.

Crystals are the Templates of Light

Each crystal has its own unique energy signature. These “templates of light” are encoded with all you need to activate your own power. The key is to find a crystal that is attuned to your own personal energy or that raises your energetic resonance to ensure well-being and expand your consciousness.

Maintaining Crystal Power

Crystals must be purified and activated to bring their power to life—and they must be kept cleansed to maintain that power. 

It is no good buying a crystal, putting it in your pocket, and expecting it to work miracles—unless you’ve asked it to. As a first step clear thy crystals.” Once you’ve purified your crystal, its power can be dedicated to your highest good.
Treat your crystals with respect and work with them in partnership. They will repay you with years of devoted service. Treat them badly or misuse them, and their power may turn against you. They are, after all, magical, sentient beings.

Right Use of Crystal Power

Crystals work by cooperating with you to focus and manifest your intention. Be clear about why you are working with the crystal and ensure that you are working for the highest good. Misuse of crystal power will inevitably rebound. Like humans, crystals can become exhausted, so re-empowering them regularly is a sensible precaution. As crystals rapidly draw off energy from their surroundings, they need purifying at frequent intervals.

Purifying Your Crystals

Crystals pick up energy from anyone who handles them and from the environment, so they need cleansing before and after use. Purify a crystal by holding it under running water—so long as the crystal won’t dissolve or fragment. Then put it in the sun or moonlight to reenergize it. You can also smudge a crystal with incense smoke, place it in candlelight, or leave it overnight in uncooked brown rice.

Activating The Power of Your Crystal

To activate your crystal’s power, hold the purified crystal in your hands, focus your intention and attention on it, and say:

“I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all and ask that its power be activated now to work in harmony with my own will and focused intention.\”

If you have a specific purpose, add that to your dedication. To deactivate the crystal, cleanse it and then hold the crystal as you say:

“I thank this crystal for its power, which is no longer needed at this time. I ask that its power be closed until reactivated.”

Put the crystal in the sun to recharge it, and then place it in a bag, box, or a drawer until it is required again.


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