Manifestation with Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids

What is Sacred Geometry?

The Study of Spiritual meaning of various shapes, forms, numbers and patterns seen throughout the natural world – which can be seen on a micro or macro levels, from our cells to the stars in everything from nature to music is called Sacred Geometry.

When we understand how it works, we can use it to our benefit.  When we exist in accordance to these sacred principles, we come into state of abundance and receptivity and become Energetic Architects and Empowered Co-Creators of our reality.

“Rooted in its nature is the understanding that nothing
is isolated, everything is connected”

To introduce this principle more actively into your life, you can also work with sacred geometry symbols. Different patterns formed from sacred geometry  offer focal points for meditative states such as Mandalas, Sri Yantras, arranging crystals in geometric patterns on a crystal grid. 

Upward and Downward Facing Triangle in Sacred Geometry

In Sacred Geometry – Triangle is a symbol for Balance and harmony. The 3 sides of Triangle can also relate to Body, Mind and The Soul.  The triangle with an upward-facing point indicates raising consciousness, whereas when it points downward – it relates with Feminine energy and reproduction as it resembles the womb space. 

Sacred Geometry – Circle – The Symbol of Oneness

As circle has no beginning or end, it represents a never ending loop and as per sacred geometry circle is thought of as a symbol of oneness.

Square – The Foundational Sacred Pattern

Squares represent very practical and solid energy as per Sacred Geometry.  If we think about the base of Pyramid, it\’s a square. Hence Square is thought of as foundational, dependable, stable, grounding and safe.

Spiral – The Flow of Energy

Spiral is also referred as a Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio. From a Snail\’s shell to the Earth spiraling around the Sun as we travel through the space – spiral in sacred geometry is thought of as a physical manifestation of the expression – \” As above, so below \”.

These spirals relate to everything from the shape of our DNA to how energy flows through the Chakras.

Flower of Life

It is a group of 7 overlapping circles that unify in the form of a flower. It is one of the most well known example of Sacred Geometry. The Flower of Life is considered to be the sign of protection and represents creation.  It is a perfect example of how everything is interconnected in some shape and form and is thought of to harness creative energy, fertility and blessings. 

Sacred Geometry in Nature and Music

To observe Sacred Geometry – Simply take a walk in nature, look into center of Sun Flower, hexagons of beehive, horn of a sheep, underground formations of Crystals, the pattern formations of migrating birds, these are all designs and patterns which relate to Sacred Geometry. 

The Beauty of these is functional, their structures creates the specific dynamic- the strength and balance required to support the role of the individual and collective.

Sacred Geometry is found in music too.  It can be heard, what we hear are really vibrations and these vibrations can be measured mathematically,  One wrong note on the instrument cord can turn the music sounds non harmonious.  The fascinating sound healing and sound baths demonstrates how music vibrations can affect our physiology. 

We all have witnessed this on some level, how fast tempos always revved up us or listening to slow tunes makes us calm immediately. Spiritual Practices, even Yoga poses too, allow us to get our bodies into geometrical forms that allow for energy flow. 

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